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Your fun BFF who also works hard. Blogger and comedy screenwriter. Former college newspaper editor. Midwestern girl in Los Angeles 💜 Instagram: @jaye.hannah

Don’t believe everything the “gurus” say

Author at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con, 2019

I know it’s important though.

My last Instagram photo. February 14, 2021.

Even though I have a journalism degree

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He’s gotta come at some point

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The riches may or may not be in the niches

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1. You hate your job

Photo: Andreas Klassen/Unsplash

Fuck bitches. Get money.

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Let’s get this bread!

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“Oooh, that’s that fancy shit sandwich place I…

Not all men only want sex

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I didn’t believe my dreams were realistic

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Jaye Hannah

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