I Love Being a Creator, But I Hate Social Media

I know it’s important though.

My last Instagram photo. February 14, 2021.

A Love-Hate Relationship

Let’s start with the positive side of using social media as a creator.

You no longer have to move out of your hometown or alter your physical appearance to fit an agency’s standards in order to become a successful creator. All you need to do is own a smartphone.

That’s the main reason why I used to love social media so much.

  • Numbers

The Expectation of Consistency

Being a social media content creator is not like working a normal job.

Numbers Are Everything

I have 13.6K followers on Instagram, which my old high school classmates might say is a huge number.

I actually lose at least 2–3 followers per day on average. Sometimes more.

In 2017, I started paying for a follow/unfollow bot to grow my Instagram and within about a year, I went from around 700 followers to more than 10K. I had more than 15K at my peak.

Making Social Media Great Again

I realize that the tone of this article sounds very negative.

Your fun BFF who also works hard. Blogger and comedy screenwriter. Former college newspaper editor. Midwestern girl in Los Angeles 💜 Instagram: @jaye.hannah

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