This Is The Worst Mistake I Made In My 20s

I didn’t believe my dreams were realistic

Source: Jaye Hannah Instagram

I didn’t believe I could make money doing it

People had been warning me about the whole “starving artist” trope since I was a teen and I really did not want to that to be me.

After a year and a half of barely making any money in my business and still waiting for that magical day in what felt like the distant future when I could finally quit my job, I had a mental breakdown.

Shifting my focus

And despite all the craziness that’s happened in the world in 2020, I’m finally really happy with where my life is headed.

I truly feel like this is what I was meant to do all along and I should’ve listened to my heart instead of other people.

Your fun BFF who also works hard. Blogger and comedy screenwriter. Former college newspaper editor. Midwestern girl in Los Angeles 💜 Instagram: @jaye.hannah

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